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I decided to call my business vapewise, which meant I needed a logo. Not being a very creative person I left that to someone else. They cam up with a few designs which resulted in this.


This was just the beginning. I got the domain etc and set about creating the site, sourcing the products and getting them up. I started with the e cigarette starter kits as there is only a few of them. Next came the E liquids, I must have days maybe even weeks on this. I first needed to get the list of flavours which are to be put up. Then I had to find the pictures, tweak the pictures and put them up. Trying each flavour was a enjoyable experience but describing them wasn’t and then putting that description into writing even harder. Id do a few flavours and then decide to work on other areas of the site. I saw lots of tutorial on how to build a site but something always went wrong and constant delays, constant vaping and lots of time spent  sorting out small things. I would work into the night and wake up in the morning the next day and undo what I done the night before as it didn’t quite work.

Eventually when I had some basic descriptions and good pictures for the e liquids, I could carry on working on the rest of the site.  I took some pictures of the accessories and put them up. so now the site has the E cigarettes, E liquids and Accessories its ready to run but doesn’t look quite right so spent a few more weeks tweaking it. And got in a nice selection of mechanical mods so put them up and now we are ready. 🙂

Future plans- Write for us

This is where you come into it, while we have plans to open up our shop we also need to get more products online. We also want to add a knowledge base to help people understand vaping, modding etc and believe you are the people to help us to achieve this. So get in touch to write for us 🙂


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