Frequently Asked Questions

What is an E-cigarette?

An E-cigarette consist of a lithium battery, an atomozier and a cartridge which contains the E-liquid(Flavour with/without nicotine). Some kits contain cartomizers which are atomizers and cartridges in one piece. It works by drawing air which activates the battery to give power to the atomizer. This turns the E-liquid into vapour. This is the smoke which gives the vaper their nicotine hit and flavour

Why use an E-cigarettes?

People have started using E-cigarettes as they are able to get the flavour and the nicotine without the harm of real cigarettes. People have also started calling them “shisha pens” as they are available without nicotine and in a wide variety of flavours like the traditional shisha pipe. Another major benefit of the E-cigarette is it can be smoked indoors.

What Does an E-cigarette taste like?

The taste is based on the E-liquid. it is much smoother and cleaner than traditional cigarettes. With the amount of flavours available some of them taste like that from a shisha pipe. While some of them taste like that of a real cigarette.

What’s in the vapour and smell?

The smell mainly comes from the flavour which varies between E-liquids and the Vapour is mostly water vapour

What is in the E-liquid?

E-Liquid contains 3 Main ingredients, A base which can be either propylene glycol or vegetable glycerine or a mixture of the two. These ingredients can be found in many foods. The base will contain the nicotine if required. The second ingredient is water. And the third is flavouring.

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